Our Difference

HVitalis, helping businesses and people to stand out from the crowd

Standing out and being outstanding


Web site promotion is not an add on, it must be built into every aspect of the web site development process - from the ground up. It affects completely the design choice, it must be completely connected to the business goals.

Our whole approach is based upon a tenacity and desire to set your business apart - to stand out from the crowd. We tenaciously place our clients sites ahead of their competitors - genuinely outwitting much larger opposition with much larger budgets.

Collaboration and partnering

Collaboration with our clients is key to our creating an intelligent winning web site. Completing a sites design only comes about when you are completely delighted with it. Ensuring that the web site keeps working for your business is a continuously evolving process. We manage and support our web sites and we keep in close contact with our web site owners, for good!

With transparent and clearly laid out fixed prices - we work with our clients for years to not just get them ahead, but to keep them ahead.

Making the right connections

We connect the web site design to the business strategy ...

  • Questioning and understanding the business direction
  • Doing all we can to predict the businesses future needs
  • We design for as many computer users as possible, we think about and address ...
  • Varying computer screen sizes - looking good to as many as possible.
  • Numerous versions of browsers - making sites accessible to and usable by as many as possible
  • All levels of human competence - making our sites immediately usable by everyone - try them for yourself.
  • The way most people will find your site - i.e. seeking to make sure that it is discovered and intelligently listed by the most widely used search engines.

Meet the team

Whilst highly qualified we would always wish to accentuate our many years practical experience developing businesses. We pride ourselves on our practical down to earth approach, basically everything gets done thoughtful of the practical business needs.

We have a wealth of experience working with small and medium sized businesses, specialising in making the internet work for these businesses. In short we consistently help to make outstanding small businesses stand out.