Building Businesses

We always aim to deliver a unique package of development and support to each of the businesses we look after. No two are ever the same, the way we care for each of them is!

Our support is provided throughout the invention process, the planning process, the inception process and the launch process - but crucially we always focus beyond these. Having a website developed for you requires a partner. It is a dynamic process, where things evolve! Whether you

Making a web site work as a business development tool is a permanent requirement, not a tickle and leave process. Our focus on long term client partnerships is reflected in everything we do, within our prices, our attitude and our work.

If potential clients simply want a website, we tend to back off, developing a winning web site is a continuously evolving process and the relationship must be long term, we need a process where we can see this will be allowed to happen.

Trust is an absolute imperative for us. We look to develop it from the start, especially within our clear pricing strategy, where costs are determined up front and are fully known before we commence. No hidden extras, no nasty surprises.

96% of our work, (last time I checked!), is won through word of mouth from our clients recommending us. We seek to keep clients for life through merit, not lock in.

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Richard Maddrell

Richard Maddrell

Lead Consultant

Richard is qualified with a Business Degree and an MA in Management Learning and more importantly with an immense amount of consultancy and practical work with small businesses.

Richard is the lead consultant and principal point of contact for each client. He works with a team of highly supportive specialists ensuring that each and every client need is met effectively in a personal and professional way.